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What to cook to impress a girl I Am Wants Real Sex

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What to cook to impress a girl

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Move over instant noodles. Trust your culinary skills to surprise and woo your woman. Here are five easy-peasy recipes to keep her coming back for birl.

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Cook one cup of pasta in two cups of milk adjust proportions accordingly gigl about 8 minutes. Scoop out this cheesy goodness and serve hot while you wait for the compliments to come your way.

Boil your go in a medium-sized pot and add a tsp of salt if your butter is salted. Otherwise, get two tsp of salt in. Strain and separate your cauliflower water from the florets.

Use a blender to get the consistency wbat soup. Add butter, salt and water to suit taste. Serve with drizzles of olive oil and spices.

Heat a pan with your olive oil. Add garlic, chicken and tomatoes.

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Sprinkle spice as desired. Once your chicken is brown and juicy, pour in the cream.

Cook till it simmers and then serve. Blend all the ingredients.

Taste the creamy mixture to suit your sweet levels. Pour into moulds and freeze. Serve them up and pounce on the opportunity to make imoress jokes about consuming such a naughty food item.

Squish your ripe bananas in a bowl no one likes them when they start getting black. Crack your eggs and whisk it in with the fruit. Next be generous with your Nutella.

Cook that gooey goodness in a pan and serve piping hot in the morning wink to wake your coik up the way she deserves. Read More. Food Ditch the Viagra: