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What is pok in hindi

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The Valley of Kashmir, the most populous region, was a historically powerful kingdom, having population of Afghan-Turk and Arabs. On the other us western districts like Kotli, Poonch, and Mirpur had a Muslim majority culturally inclined to the West Punjab plains.

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Inan uprising against the Maharaja Hari Singh what is pok in hindi broken out in Poonch. The reason behind this uprising was punitive taxes by the Hari Singh on the peasantry in the region. Soldiers of Maharaj tried to avert this invasion but the pro-Pakistan rebellions were armed with modern armaments and gained control of almost the entire Poonch district on 24 October The invaders captured the towns of Muzaffarabad and Baramulla and reached near twenty miles northwest of the State's capital Srinagar.

On 24 Octoberthe Maharaja requested the military assistance of India, which provided the assistance on the condition that Maharaja Hari Singh has to sign an "Instrument of Si. Maharaj Hari Singh singed the "Instrument of Accession" and handed over three subjects i. Indian troops were immediately airlifted into Srinagar while Pakistan intervened subsequently and war started between the Indian and Pakistani armies with the two areas of control stabilized and the regions won by the Pakistan supported dhat remained with Pakistan which is now called What is pok in hindi Occupied Kashmir POK.

Azad Kashmir AJK has a President, Prime Minister, and a council but the governing structure is totally powerless and works under the Pakistan government. In the southern part of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, there are 8 districts: School Board.

what is pok in hindi In this area there are low-grade coal reserves, chalk reserves, bauxite deposits are. Making of inscribed wooden items, textiles and carpets are main products of industries located in these areas.

The agricultural products in this area includes mushrooms, honey, walnuts, apples, cherries, medicinal herbs and plants, resin, maple and burning wood. jn

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Languages like Pashto,Urdu, Kashmiri and Punjabi are spoken prominently. InPakistan's Pashtoon tribals attacked Jammu and Kashmir.

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So to tackle this critical situation the Ruler of that time Maharaja Hari Cheating slut wife story of Jammu and Kashmir sought military assistance from the Indian government and the then Indian Governor General Mountbatten signed an agreement on 26 October signed in which three subjects Defense, Foreign Affairs and Communications were handed over to India.

Except what is pok in hindi subjects Jammu and Kashmir was free to ix its decisions.

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Image source: On the basis of this accession of treaty, the Government of India claims that India has the full right to interfere in the matters related to Jammu and Kashmir. But India never accepted escorts suffolk claim of Pakistan. India vs.

Economic Comparision The Pak Occidental Kashmir was divided into two parts for the simplicity of the administration: After the war of between India and Pakistan, the Kashmir administration was divided in two parts.

The part of Kashmir which was separated from India became a sub-continent of Jammu and Kashmir and the part of Kashmir that was near from Pakistan and Afghanistan what is pok in hindi was called Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir. Azad Kashmir: It is attached to the western part of Indian Kashmir.

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Historically the economy of Azad Pokk has been dependent on agriculture. Low altitude areas have high populations grow crops like wheat, barley,corn maize mangoes, millet.

In what is pok in hindi southern districts, many men have been recruited into the Pakistani Armed Forces. Other locals dating website for indians to countries in Europe or the Middle East where they work in labour-oriented jobs.

Flag of Azad Kashmir Poi source: Northern Region: The Gilgit area was leased to the British government si the Maharaja of Kashmir. Baltistan was the area of west Ladakh province which was occupied by the Pakistan in This area is the part of the disputed Jammu and Kashmir region.

Pakistan is the ruler of this region but this region what is pok in hindi not developed by the Pakistan deliberately so that the poor people of this region can be trapped to train as the terrorists and destabilise the India.