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An Escort Group consisted of several small warships organized and trained to operate together providing protection for trade convoys.

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It was not unknown for U-boats to get in each other's way whilst attacking, or collide with each other. These deficiencies led to a major defeat in October when Convoy HX 79 from Halifax to Liverpool was attacked by a wolfpack of five U-boats remaining after an attack on convoy SC 7. Early escort groups often contained destroyerssloopsnaval trawlers and, later, corvettes of differing specifications lacking the ability to maneuver together as a flotilla of similar warships, but rigorously trained in anti-submarine tactics to use teamwork emphasizing the unique sensors, weapons, speed and turning radius of each ship.

In a ten-day period infour U-boats were sunk with the loss of three of Germany's top U-boat commanders. The ships of the earlier groups which had only a short range and were unsuitable for MOEF duty were reased to the Western Local Escort Force or duty with coastal convoys or the arctic convoys supplying the Soviet Union.

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The WATU was a RN iw team founded in early to study the conduct of convoy operations using wargames and lectures. Erotic Stories and Tips. Privacy Policy.

Any tactical arrangements had to be made on the spot, and communicated by al lamp to each ship in turn. Convoy escorts were initially ased on an ad hoc basis, dispatched as and when available, and arrived singly or in small groups.

Views Read Edit View history. By operating together under a single leader, groups were able to develop group tactics and practice their use; with the issue of a single short command the various ships of the group, often out of i of each other, could be relied upon to act in a co-ordinated fashion. It is a common factor in the escort service industry, where some escorts choose to be very picky with their clients.

In WAC had 8 escort groups formed. Now, this is one such aspect with which everyone will agree on no matter who the person is. Most escorts match clients based on multiple factors which if matched with their criteria only then the client is chosen.

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These escorts were not numerous enough or sufficiently long ranged to accompany convoys across the Atlantic, but would screen convoys to and from meeting points thought to be beyond U-boat range defining the edge of the Western Approaches. I'm ready to make the plunge and hire an escort for the first time, but have been told I need to send a link to my LinkedIn. Close Menu Home.

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Escort group

Whether it's the fear of losing money or being in physical danger, the way in which escorts vet and screen their clients to see if they're actually. The development of these 'escort groups' proved an effective means of defending shipping convoys through the Battle of the Atlantic. Thus escorts ask clients various question in hand just to ensure if the person is a real deal or not so that they can utilize their time rather than just spending it non-profiting errands.

As escorts are ready to spend the entire day with a person, thus making sure that the person is not a violent offender esvort is of sound mind becomes a general necessity.

They base this on the color, race, body type or even on the field the client is working for. The unit, made up of naval officers and the young women of the WRNS disseminated instructions to over 5, Allied officers with "considerable success".

In the escort service industry, it is a common factor where some people just call escorts and hire them to waste their time. Initially unprotected, a force of 11 warships were assembled but 12 ships in the convoy were sunk from attacks during the night while none of the U-boats were damaged. Escort groups were a World War II tactical innovation in anti-submarine warfare by the Royal Navy to combat the threat of the Kriegsmarine ' s " wolfpack " tactics.

Although the wolfpack was co-ordinated in that a of boats would be concentrated on a target convoy, once gathered the boats would attack individually without any attempt at further co-operation. Over the next three days they fought off attacks by the wolfpack for the loss of five ships and one corvette; 28 ships arrived safely. York Escorts. This level of teamwork was never achieved by the attacking U-Boats.

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Escorts generally take this factor into consideration when they are dealing with a new client; thus they make sure to meet the client at a neutral ground where they feel comfortable and safe just to ensure their safety. The following are a few of the reasons why escorts go through the entire process of screening. Retrieved 18 January Screening is how escorts gather various information on clients and use that information to determine whether or whether not they will be providing them with their service.

All you seasoned escorts know just how important a screeening process is.

The 36th through 44th escort groups remained relatively unchanged escorting convoys between Liverpool whwt Gibraltar and Sierra Leone. In specific scammers are those people who just hire escort service for the fun of it and leave them penny less at the end of the day. Download as PDF Printable version. Hull escorts. 11 votes, 16 comments.

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An Escort Group consisted of several small warships organized and trained to operate together providing protection for trade convoys. These factors completely depend on the escort and the kind of preference they choose to cater their service to. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes file. Escorts take up this step to ensure that they are safe at all times and also to make sure that the client they are about to meet and spend their entire time with, does not have any other motives in their mind.

Namespaces Article Talk. Generally, while first-time users go through this process to ensure the escorts service but once a client has passed this text, they can use this as a reference if they want to hire an escort in the future. Newbies: you'll now be introduced to it in today's blog. Command of the escort force fell to the senior officer present, and could change as each new ship arrived.

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In practice, escort group cohesion was impaired by frequent changes of escort personnel and transferring ships between groups. Time and again during the Battle of the Atlantic relatively small, well-handled escort groups were able to frustrate attacks by more numerous groups of U-boats, and ensure the "safe and timely arrival" of their charges.

On the basis of experience during World War Ithe Admiralty instituted trade convoys in United Kingdom coastal waters from September The following escort groups iss been formed prior to United States Navy escort participation in the autumn of [12]. The ships were unaccustomed to working together, and often had no common battle plan or tactics.