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In failing to provide it Apple seems to have quietly put the model out to pasture — and for this I curse them eternally.

Because it was the best phone the company ever. The iPhone 6S was the latest and greatest, and of course fixed a few of the problems Apple had kindly introduced with the entirely new design of the 6.

But for me the SE was a perfect new 5 looking se. That storied phone is perhaps best remembered for being left in a bar ahead of release and leaked by Gizmodo — which is too bad, because for once the product was worthy of the lavish unveiling Apple now bestows on every device it puts.

The 4 established an entirely new industrial design aesthetic that was at once instantly recognizable and highly practical.

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Gone were the smooth, rounded edges and back of the stainless original iPhone probably the second-best phone Apple made new 5 looking se the jellybean-esque 3G and 3GS. In the place of those soft curves were hard lines and uncompromising geometry: It highlighted older guys sex set off the black glass of the screen and bezel, producing a specular outline from any angle.

The camera was flush and the home button RIP sub-flush, entirely contained nwe the body, new 5 looking se the device perfectly flat both front and.

The iPhone SE 2 has been sat in rumour limbo for years at this point be making preparations for production of a new smaller iPhone for of Apple's long- dormant mini-tablet range with the iPad Mini 5. The original iPhone SE cost just £ at launch, which looks like a bit of a bargain these days. Apple's shock decision to cancel its most recognisable iPhone looks a smart see the new model is almost the same size as the iPhone SE. Why Apple needs a new iPhone SE; > Leaked photos; > iPhone SE 2 release date While Apple may not want to revive the iPhone SE for fear of looking like it is stepping backwards, .. D3x / iPhone 11,5 - " OLED (notch, Face ID).

Meanwhile the side buttons boldly stood. Volume in bold, etched circles; the mute switch easy to find but impossible to accidentally activate; new 5 looking se power button perfectly placed for a reaching index finger. Note that all these features are directly pointed oloking usability: In fact, I was probably still using my beloved G1 — talk about beauty and the beast!

The nwe grey iPhone 5S, however, essentially left no room for improvement. And after 4 years, it was admittedly perhaps time to freshen things up a bit.

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Unfortunately, what Apple ended up doing was subtracting all personality from the device while adding nothing but screen space. The 6 was, to me, simply ugly. It was reminiscent of the plethora new 5 looking se boring Android phones at the time — merely higher quality than them, not different.

The 6S was similarly ugly, and the 7 through es somehow further banished any design that set themselves apart, while reversing course on some practical measures in allowing an increasingly large camera bump and losing the headphone jack. The X, at least, looked new 5 looking se bit different. But to return to the topic at hand, it was after the 6S that Apple had introduced the SE.

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It would take time, Apple seems to have reasoned, to convert these people, the types who rarely buy first generation Apple products and cherish usability over novelty. So new 5 looking se not coddle them a bit through this difficult transition?

New 5 looking se

The SE appealed not just to the nostalgic and neophobic, but simply people who prefer a smaller phone. Normal, pressable home button?

Flat, symmetrical design? Actual edges to hold onto?

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Thousands of cases already available? The SE is best without one.

At the time, the iPhone SE was more compact and better looking than anything Apple offered, while making almost no compromises at all in terms of functionality. The only possible objection was its size, and new 5 looking se was and is a matter of taste. It was the best object Apple ever designed, filled with the best tech it nes ever developed.

It was the best phone it ever. It honed that design to a cutting edge and then, when everyone expected the company to leap forward, it tiptoed instead, perhaps afraid to spook the golden goose.

To me the SE was Apple allowing itself one last victory lap on the back of a design it would never surpass. This is in keeping with similarly user-unfriendly choices made elsewhere in its lineup.

But I still have my SE, and I intend to keep it for as long as possible.