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This is a list of episodes for the NBC television series CHiPswhich ran for episodes over the course of six seasons, plus one reunion TV movie from October 27, A man posing as a tow-truck driver robs women who have called for assistance. During the getaway from one such incident, the erratic driver causes a flatbed truck loaded with cylinders of nitrous oxide laughing gas to spin out of control.

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A new system is put in use to send back-up faster to injured officers. Anti-nuclear protesters — including St.

Ponch's excited anticipation at seeing his date turns to inxy when he is greeted in his own apartment and held prisoner by two brothers who are thirsty for revenge. Bloomington · Evansville · Ft Wayne · Indianapolis · Kokomo · Lafayette · Muncie · Richmond · South Bend · Terre Haute.

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Testing it, Jon and Ponch track down thieves that are stealing delivery trucks from loading docks. Jon and Sindy esclrt training a BMX team for kids, and Ponch takes care of a young boy who was caught vandalizing his school. Two of Ponch's old high-school pals decide to relive their youths by raising havoc, driving recklessly on the freeway and causing several accidents; and a man pretending to be a CHP officer continually gets Ponch into trouble.

First Jon then Ponch get put in jail for contempt of court when they refuse to name their informant. Also, Ponch befriends a four-year-old motorcyclist whose mother starts dating Jon. As part of an insurance scam, arsonists start burning down mobile homes, causing chaos for Jon and Ponch.

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One of its members has become a vigilante, using excessive force while trying to fight crime in remembrance of his son who was run down by a drunk driver. Andy Macedon is back on the streets again, trying to prove that he has turned over a new leaf. A patient who was in a bed next to Getraer is murdered. This episode marks the last time that Officer Baricza draws his service weapon against a suspect. Ponch falls for a lady race car driver, but loses out in the end.

On night patrol, Ponch and Bobby respond to a jewelry store alarm.

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A teenage couple try to run away to Canada, but their van breaks down on the freeway. Ponch's vacation is ruined when a ring of car thieves steal his Firebird. Two fleeing criminals jump into the Rolls and drive off, initially unaware that the kids are in the back. Chica Reviews • Escort Reviews • Photo Gallery Club Lists • Club Reviews • Location Maps Travel Information •. Jon and Ponch investigate a scam deed to skim profits from auction sales of rare antique motor cars.

Leslie H. Central gets a new mechanic, Harlan Arliss. Rick Mittleman.

He draws his Colt Python service revolver to defend himself against a juvenile that overpowered him with karate, forcing the boy to flee before Baricza could fire one round. They also have to get a handle on a local community patrol operation. Meanwhile, practical joker Bill Clayton res the team at Central. Reports of a phantom tiger puzzle the pair; An employee of a poorly maintained animal park is blamed for the escape but does not notify the police early on.

While pursuing a vengeful hotrod mechanic who is carrying out a personal vendetta against a car club, Jon and Ponch stumble on a dangerous big-game trap.

The rivalry between two teenage gangs intensifies when each blames the other for a series of robberies. Meanwhile, Ponch is worried that his blind date is too shallow.

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Jon and Ponch learn about the dangers of reacting chemicals when they swing into action when a tanker overturns and produces a deadly gas. While investigating a string secort drive-in bank robberies,where the thieves use a fake bomb and a rally race to carry off their heists, Ponch is baffled when he receives visit from his mother, and also a safety violation. Jon jonkey Ponch enter a desert off-road race, unaware that a pair of syndicate thugs are using the race as a cover to retrieve a cache of stolen coins.

When Ponch and Bobby look into a series of thefts at a local campus, Getraer agrees to help clear members of his dscort college fraternity who are accused of the thefts. A psychiatrist ing the Accident Investigation Team fears that she may have been responsible for a serious high-speed collision that the CHP is currently trying to recreate in an investigation.

A broken down motorist takes out his anger on his old car, a small 'plane lands on the highway, and while on a date, Ponch receives a ticket and decides to attend traffic "school" to hide the citation from Getraer. Ponch and Jon are ased to train the CHP's first female motorcycle cops. Biorhythms are being charted to track highs and lows. A gang of bikers kidnaps Bonnie.

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Type few keywords to find the perfect escort you desire on | Escort reviews, forums and more. Two enterprising hustlers use CB radios to identify and rip off homes adjacent to local freeways; After Jon and Ponch arrest some joyriding frat brothers in a hearse, Ponch's former high school principal invites him to speak at the school's Career Day - but Ponch is over-come by stage fright. The Internet's largest sex travel website. Indiana. Larry Alexander.

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A spate escoet jewelry robberies is committed by thieves using city vehicles. Iowa. Other officers try to get Getraer in on a celebration of Jon and Ponch 's fourth anniversary as partners. Ames · Cedar Rapids.

Jon and Ponch continue with their evacuation program for Malibu residents. The leader of the gang challenges Steve's older brother to a final showdown to win the title of King of the Indy. An old friend of Bobby's prepares for a parachute jump.

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Escodt, Jon and Ponch save a car crash victim with a hang glider, invy rescue a pair of kids from their cave-like den under the freeway. Although married, she makes a play for Baricza to distract him from what she, her husband, and father are planning: robbing the flight show bureau. Getraer gets the rest of the team searching through parking violations to prove the defendant was no stranger to the raided warehouse. Sergeant Getraer isn't too impressed by his newest recruit's performance, especially when his motorbike is stolen.