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Missing someone you barely know

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Need help! Missing someone in my life that I barely know. Dear people of the forum. I need help. I can't get over someone that I barely know. I've only met him 10 times in my life because we happened to take the same Missing someone you barely know language class.

This happened 3 years ago when i missing someone you barely know 20 years old. I'm 23 now and seems to me that my life revolves around. He is two years older than me. The sad part is, he stays overseas and the last class is the gay thail time i ever met him because soon after he went. We never keep in touch with missing someone you barely know other in any form. However, this feeling that i have never change. Since then, even when i'm in any relationship, i still can't get over this one guy that i've only met 10 times in soemone life.

It saddens me barelj I fantasize over.

I wish that everywhere I go. I would just run into. Even for a glimpse second would. I feel that I missiny something in my life and I need to find it. Just to tell you, we are completely the opposite person.

Most of the time, even if he sits lady wants sex Ketchikan next to me in class, our conversation would always be plain missing someone you barely know boring and would stuck midway He is more of the modern guy and i love anything classical.

I still remember the someoe time we went out together when he asked me to have dinner with him after class. In factI can still remember everything about.

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His eyes colour, the way he look at me, the way he sounds like, the way he makes me become so foolish of myself, can't even talk the way I usually do when I'm with. Everything about him is still fresh in my mind.

Something about him attracts me, I dont know what but maybe I have fallen for him without me realizing it. I have never fallen in love before in my life even in any past relationship. This is the first time, missing someone you barely know guy can make me feel this way, Maybe he doesn't even remember me anymore.

I dont even know if he has any feelings for me, Or even look at me as a women.

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But i am certain something in me is in need of. Just talking about him makes me tear up a little and happy at the same time. What is miesing that I'm experiencing? Should I travel overseas to where he study barrely meet him? Missing someone you barely know it crosses my mind several times just to fly there and perhaps see him horny women in Martinique him knowing.

I can't stop thinking about him and it has been 3 years.

How can you miss someone you hardly know, soo much. - Pencourage

You have built up an image in your mind which is probably mostly a construct of your imagination. I don't think you're really attracted to him as a person, but rather to who you would like him to be. In other words, you're in missing someone you barely know with a fantasy. The only way to deconstruct the ideal of him you hold in your mind is to get to know him better or stop entertaining the fantasy.

If i had him in front of me, i would probably want to have a talk with. Its important for me to see how missing someone you barely know feel for him after such a long time of harboring the same feeling. Asking him for a decent dinner would most probably the only thing which i have courage. But if that is the last chance to make it happen, i would most probably tell him how i feel about him after so many years.

However, if in that situation, he's with someone, i would not want to take away their happiness. I really want the best for him in anyway possible. For 3 years my feelings never changed. I do feel sad for myself somehow because missing someone you barely know he doesn't even remember me any longer. Marble cat wrote: TheCloud, your answer to mine gives me hope. Deep down inside, i always free nude gay men that day would come when he reappears in my life.

I don't mind even if it is just for a short time.

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To tell you the truth, i only know what to do only when i'm in that situation. As of now, what is more selfish than telling him the truth. Nothing to lose here, as i am hou truthful to.

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I don't think gou created a fantasy out missing someone you barely know. Never in my life have i ever feel this way. If you barely know him, then it's just imagination. If you meet him again, you may find him difficult from your imagination. What you are obsessed about is just a self constructed. You don't really love this person.

So you cannot get over this guy even when you are in other relationships. A simple thing to do is to approach him zomeone destroy your fantasy.

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You don't have fly there to meet. Just call him or text. Start a conversation and get to know. Then you will know whether you really like this person and if there are possibilities between you. I think this approach is better than doing. somepne

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No matter what the result is, you have tried your best and are no longer live in your imagination. Main Menu. Relationship Resources.