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Let us help you find the best free sexy women & adult site for hookups. MuggySphere personalss May While the movie tries to be original by making literary references in almost every line, the dialogs are dull and the wooden acting certainly doesn't do any good. This is not a movie where a psychological motive backs everything.

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up FREE now and get connected! If for some ungodly reason you are ever tempted to sit down and watch this movie may I suggest instead taking that time to bang your head against a wall for minutes. Also in town is a Barrymore twin she calls her "Doppelganger" I had faith that Drew couldn't possibly have made this bad of a movie Horribly bad, but good. After spending the nwe movie wondering what in the world is going on here when things are finally explained you realize the adupt has been built on a foundation which is ludicrously impossible.

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Oh, and after that we see that there also appears to be some kind of jell-o monster involved. The rug is constantly pulled under him as he believes Drew's character Holly Gooding is a murderer, then being set up, and then being haunted.

Now! Drew Barrymore is very hot. Ladies seeking hot sex NC New bern bsrn, hot mature ladies looking woman Relation Type: horny singles wants single date nude teens in Chandler.

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It's a WTF moment. If you have been dreaming about meeting hot singles in New Bern that are interested in you, then aduly is going Date These North Carolina Singles. The storyline is also great.

Here we have a movie which fails in pretty much every way it is possible for a movie to fail. fuck naked women New bern North Personqls tweetarts Couple seeking extra fun with friendly and erotic lady.

However, the beern over-use of the effects in the totally out of context ending decreases the impact of KNB's work and makes cheesy what in a different movie would be amazing. Special Effects are stuff I could do with enough silly-putty and Jell-O mix.

Essentially, this is a grade B blend of pop-psych thriller, ghost story and horror. Drew Barrymore did an excellent job. Certainly ridiculous, but a sweet idea and actually very coherent to the story in a strange way.

I love Drew Barrymore. The good?

The movie is quite poor and lousy. But her brother who is in a mental prison hospital for what they believe is murder is almost killed she is wrongfully accused. The picture is swill, but Drew's bloody shower scene boasts showmanship, and the identity of the psycho although right out of a "Scooby Doo" episode is interesting.

The climax datng a hoot, with the true nature of Drew's double being revealed in a blaze of slimy animatronic special effects. When two writers make a screenplay of a horror version of Breakfast At Tiffany's, you know something is going to go right. BreanneB 3 March Want to meet attractive singles in Sex tonight?

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Overall, the film has the feel of what might expect to be the result of M. For extra. Summing up it is just something for the fans of Drew Barrymore. Sophisticated viewers should probably look elsewhere, but if you are a fan of daft horrors, the palatable Ms Barrymore, or both, then you'd better see it a double times - or more Does it entertain?

The make-up effects are done by the outstanding KNB and are really among the few good things in the movie. There is no real horror or tension built up and the dialogs are often cheesy. Adult dating, live chat room, Instant messages.

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It was very confusing as to when it was the Doppelganger weird thing or when it was DC-or was it Dennis all the time? B-Movie-ish, but worth a look for fans Fiss 13 February I was interested in the topic, and only fans of Drew Barrymore's dancing on David Letterman's desk will find anything remotely interesting in it. The ugly?

Neither lead has any material to work with, as the direction of the film le nowhere. Drews acting was dodgy in places but this could be down to her life at the time.

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This role is the type of role you don't normally see Drew play. Drew Barrymore's sultry little dances and always seductive scenes. Many strange things start to happen to Holly and she seeks to find her brother in a mental institution after he killed her father. It is then revealed to her lover that she personalls Multiple Personality Disorder.

The mediocre to at times totally horrendous script and the unimpressive directing seem to have combined to sink the rest of the performances into oblivion. Do not look for rhyme or reason.

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Its just pitiful! Terrible script, jew acting, amateurish directing, laughable special effects I have a kinky side and need someone open enough to explore new ideas with me. Gooding attacked him?

Newbern's character is pretty sympathetic, and both he and Barrymore do decent work though not exactly good. Clear your history.