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about is what she wants him to do to her. loket office window, counter - ballet ballet - banket pastry; banquet - bezet 2 occupied - verzet resistance The prefixes HER- ( her- meaning: 're and TER- ( ter- ) have short E: herinnering 2 a memory - herhaling repetition - herkennen to recognize. Read the rest of this entry. Single E after a consonant at the end of a word is almost always pronounced as voiceless E: aarde the earth; soil, dirt - alle all - benzine gas, gasoline - deze this, these - - dezelfde the same - hetzelfde the same - eerste. A few times a month, she works out of his home office, and she knows this is opening a door to opportunities she would not get otherwise. The -ET ending has short E: opgelet! The single E's may be the biggest problem in Dutch pronunciation. BE-, GE-, TE- and VER- prefixes (word beginnings: be-, ge-, te- and ver- ) have voiceless E: begroot gekort tekort vergroot - belet gered terecht verlet - bericht message - gerecht dish, meal item - terecht found; justified - verricht done - bedoeling 2 intention. Hear all three E's in each of these words: spelregel 2 short/long/voiceless a game rule veldleger short/long/voiceless army in the field berenvel long/voiceless/short a bear skin medemens long/voiceless/short a fellow human reservedeken a spare blanket Spelling rules clearly indicate long and short vowels, but they. Maybe it is her strict upbringing, or maybe it was going to catholic school, but Bree has always had a fantasy about being punished - but that was all it ever was - until now. One thing you could say is that the stress of a word is rarely on the voiceless E - hear: regering government - rekening bill, invoice; account - try to memorize the sound patterns as you learn the words. As mentioned above, there is only a small group of one-syllable words with voiceless E, but there are many one-syllable words (and names) beginning with be-, ge-, ter- or ver- or ending in -en, -er or -el that have 'short E for example:. UH, like A in alive or AGO voiceless E' is also called 'unstressed E' or 'schwa de the - - te at; too - me me - - je you - ge (Flemish 'you - we we - ze she; they - 'n. The tension is incredible, and to make things even better, he is more stressed than usual - making it perfect timing.


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