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to visit the projects we are financing and meet with the population. People are extremely welcoming, art is everywhere, be it paintings in shops, jazz music in cafes, dance in restaurants, and literature discussions with taximen! Watching some Georgian traditional dancers in Tbilisi (those dances are simply beautiful discovering the amazing beauty of the Caucasus mountains, visiting small orthodox churches in Tbilisi. Presidents Sarkozy and, medvedev to put an end to the conflict. During the period, the EU, through the European Commission, provided assistance to Georgia to a value of 502 million Euro. Those observers are part of the EU monitoring mission in Georgia, a provision of the agreement signed in Moscow.

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Its a two year contract. What is the hardest thing about living in Tbilisi? Their role is to monitor that there are no incidents near the borders of the two secessionist provinces. As regards the co-operation and external assistance, this is shaped in a combination of countryspecific, regional and global strategic objectives. The Delegations main tasks can be described under three headings: Political relations, Economic and Trade relations and Co-operation and External assistance. They know the EU and we closely work with them in a very productive manner, financing their projects, giving them training, coordinating with them etc. I am also following some Human Rights Projects. We have modest library facility, but more importantly staff members that are willing and able to assist you in your queries. For Armenia, the assistance amounted to 386 million Euro. Writing reports, but mainly on very concrete projects or on the economic situation, both being very interesting to write.

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Parkplatz dogging stundenzimmer ulm Through a series of emails and notes with. The collaboration is usually excellent. Are you constantly writing reports? If you cannot find the information you are looking for, or do not understand some of the information given, do not hesitate to contact us, either in free porn alte www geile mädchen de the Delegation in Tbilisi or in Yerevan.
Juliette Le Dore is the former Press Officer for. The objective of the ENP is to share the EUs stability, security and prosperity with neighbouring countries, offering them closer political, security, economic and culture cooperation. Are there many NGOs and much interest in the EU in Tbilisi? Its a 100 percent EC job. How do the people respond to you? We observe and report regularly to Headquarters on political, social and economic developments in Georgia and Armenia. All the expats here tell you how much they enjoy living here, and after one month, I must say I agree! Fortunately, the Georgian government understands that those reforms are crucial to make Georgia stronger, more democratic, more powerful and more independent. It will also open up a possibility to the countries to participate in EU programmes and to have a stake in the EUs internal market, which will strongly support their own political and economic reforms. European commissions involvement IN tbilisi, the, eC Delegation to Georgia opened in Tbilisi in 1995 and in Armenia in 1999. Human Rights Watch that took a step in a new direction and went to Tbilisi in Georgia as an expert working for the European Commission and reporting back on what is happening there and also aiding the local community as effectively as possible in whatever. I am working for the European Commission delegation in Tbilisi. In carrying out our tasks we aim to maintain and develop good and effective contacts with our government partners in Georgia and the Republic of Armenia, as well as with EU Member States, international organisations and, where necessary, third countries. Do you feel any danger or threat on a regular basis? There is also the, european Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). The ENP marks the beginning of a new chapter in the relationship between the EU and the partner countries Georgia and Armenia. Osce mission in Georgias mandate is not secured. Tbilisi is the contrary of a difficult city to live. Georgian people are very pro-European, so we are welcomed in a very warm way. What has been the best moment so far? Every day is different, sometimes packed with meetings with NGOs, officials, International organizations, coordination meetings etc, sometimes I am in the field visiting projects and meeting with the population, sometimes there are calmer days and I take advantage of them to write reports and. I was assigned to the Economic section, so I am following everything that touches economic reforms in Georgia, the aftermath of the financial crisis, the Public Finance reforms, poverty reduction and income generation etc. The Delegation has a full diplomatic status and its role is to facilitate the development of relations between the Governments of Georgia and Armenia on the one hand and the EU institutions on the other. We seek to ensure coherence between the Commissions trade policies, its economic and development cooperation activities and other external policy activities in our host countries. What would it mean if the observers were removed from Georgia and are the rumours that they will be leaving Georgia became true - does this mean that Russia will be more easily led to continue acts against Georgia do you think? What do you have to do as an expert every day? We are also here to promote and protect EUs interests and values and pursue the EUs policies in all areas. But there are reforms that are not easy to implement politically and that need urgently to go ahead. There have been many. The Delegation represents the European Commission and ensures bilateral relations in the political, economic, commercial and co-operation fields. Their mission will not be ended in the coming months, they should continue to do their work in Georgia, especially since the renewal of the. Due to the conflict last August, the loss of the two provinces Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and the outbreak of the economic crisis, the situation is quite tense both politically and economically in Georgia. So what are you doing in Georgia and how did you get there? Alia Papageorgiou she tells New Europe about her experience and how this move has impacted swinger latex lara love gangbang on her. How do you see the situation in Georgia now? Its a very nice country to live and work. The objectives of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and ENP Action plans for Georgia and Armenia are reflected in our cooperation and external assistance programmes. Describe for us a normal day? We have the Partnership and Cooperation Agreements, providing for close political relations as well as economic, social, financial and cultural cooperation.

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