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Internet dating disaster stories

internet dating disaster stories

my date, in his wisdom, decided that he would eat his roast in his lap. "It was almost 11pm when we left the restaurant. Draganover, got a dating disaster story to share? "He accused me of lying in his questionnaire" "At dinner he pulled a notebook from his bag (I missed the man bag alert) and proceeded to ask me questions from a prepared list covering children, attitudes, work/life balance, hobbies etc. (Image: Neopets) "The next day I told him I just didn't feel like we connected and didn't want a long-distance relationship. "He said he was going to prison" "When I turned up to a date the guy asked me what I thought of him, I said: 'On first impressions I really don't think you're for.' He replied: "Don't worry, we can get our groove. We will continually post wild dating stories for your reading and learning pleasure! "The barman had to drag him off me" "I went on a date with a guy who looked nothing like his profile picture. ObiRyaNKenobi "I'm always getting nosebleeds. internet dating disaster stories Suddenly, he was all handsy, slurring his words and saying totally inappropriate things to me and the bar staff about how he wanted me to get naked right then. Weird." johnsmith66 "I took a girl on a date to the pier with a bucket of peanut butter ice cream. When I pulled away I suddenly realised it looked like I was kissing a murder victim.". Unfortunately, during one of my first kisses, it turned out that drilling my nose into her cheek caused enough pressure to make the blood gush out. "She relieved herself on my floor" "I had my first date with a lady - well, if you could call her that. "He asked to be my boyfriend within five minutes of meeting!

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15: Internet dating disaster stories

I get there, and tap her on the shoulder. So I had to make up an excuse for going out and chuck him out, and then hide around the corner for half an hour." Sarah, Lancashire. "We arranged to meet up a few days later but he phoned me the night before and told me he'd shot himself in the leg and was in hospital so couldn't make our date!" "I visited him in hospital and we did eventually get out. Cleavage is not an invitation to lunge. Which of course I looked at, and found messages from 7 different women telling him what a stud he was. Finding true love is possible unless you are habitually hooked on the many nontraditional dating sites such as those for married men and women who cheat, sexual encounters sites, swingers websites or if you are simply out to meet a rich man or woman without.

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Neopets is predominantly a site for children. Read on for 14 truly awful tales that will either make you glad to be single or appreciate your other half. That was until I arrived at the platform and was confronted by him on the opposite side, making exaggerated rude gestures and shouting "she's got drugs." How awkward?". Last month we spoke to Ann from Cornwall, who did the same thing to get rid of an admirer. "Fortunately, after the meal we went to get snacks from a corner shop and I accidentally bought a chocolate bar with nuts in - me having a severe nut allergy. Joe1987 "I was meeting my ex-girlfriend's parents, so I went over to her house to hang out. The barman had to drag him off. Turns out, bras are good defence mechanisms (Image: Getty) "I screamed and jumped up only to leave him in a heap on the floor with blood gushing from his face. I'd spent the whole film petting a dead cat.". I had to pay, as he'd conveniently forgotten his wallet, and then as he couldn't barely stand let alone walk, I ended up giving him a lift to the station. internet dating disaster stories

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